Keynote and Guest Speakers

Jim Groom








Reclaim Learning: A Domain of One’s Own
This presentation will examine a decade worth of experimentation and development at the University of Mary Washington that has resulted in a series of innovative projects such as UMW Blogs (, ds106 (, and Domain of One’s Own (—not to mention its recent spin-off Reclaim Hosting ( What all these projects have in common is they operate from a shared ethos of supporting an open environment for teaching and learning online by helping faculty and students alike exert control over the digital spaces they learn, teach, and ultimately live in.

Jim Groom
Director of Teaching and Learning  University of Mary Washington Bio | Web Portal | Twitter | TEDxNYED | Projects



Google Glass





Margaret Stout, M.Ed, NBCT
Teacher of Students with Autism
Antietam Elementary
Prince William County Schools

A New Look at Student and Teacher Learning Through Google Glass

Explore how Google Glass could be the next and most innovative approach to student and teacher learning since virtual coaching with bug-in-the-ear technology. Review and discuss the unique applications and concerns of Google Glass in educational settings. Examples of how Google Glass is used to document student skills and teaching techniques are provided. Includes a real time demonstration of the technology.



Expert Panel Discussion

Connecting with our Community: Current Issues & Challenges in 2014

Dr. Dan Hopper
Dr. Dan Hopper, Supervisor of Technology, King George County Schools
Dr. Jan Streich
Dr. Jan Streich, Director of Growth and Innovation, Spotsylvania County Public Schools
Dr. Patricia Wiedel
Dr. Patricia Wiedel, Director of Professional Learning, Stafford County Public Schools
Dr. Dave Mirra
Dr. Dave Mirra, Chief Technology Officer, Stafford County Public Schools